Dunvegan Castle
Name: Dunvegan Castle
Address: Dunvegan, Isle of Skye
IV55 8ZT
Tel: 01470 521 206
Fax: 01470 521 205
email: enquiry@dunvegancastle.com
Web site: www.dunvegancastle.com
Type: Attraction
STB Stars: N/A
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Dunvegan Castle has been the stronghold of the Chiefs of MacLeod for nearly 800 years and it remains their home. Built on a rock once surrounded entirely by salt water, it is unique in Scotland as the only house of such antiquity to have retained its family and its roof throughout the centuries, surviving the extremes of feast and famine, the intermittent periods of warring with neighbouring clans, and the immense changes of social, political and economic life through which the Western Highlands and Islands have passed.

Any visit to this enchanted Isle must be deemed incomplete without savouring the wealth of history offered by Dunvegan Castle.

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